Little Millennium & The First Big Step

Preschool is the first step that a child takes, outside of home. We make sure that this first step is fun, engaging and wonder-filled. We guarantee that each child will be considered as an 'individual with infinite capabilities', as our mission is to nurture young minds and provide opportunities that will help realize their true, unique potential.

Preschool years are really the most important years for children, for it is in these years, that children learn the most important lessons of life; that it is important to respect elders, that hitting is bad and sharing is good, that you should put things back where you find them, and so on. It is in these years, that children learn to use the magic words like Thank you, and Please and Sorry. Preschool is where children make their first friendships and meet people outside their family. It is the first key step towards a structured, disciplined way of learning. It is where curiosity and discovery and inner potential are not only identified but nurtured. It is, absolutely unequivocally, the First Big Step, into the World.

Preschool education is the first big step for children outside home, Let's make it wonder filled.

Little Millennium Padur, The Best Preschool in Padur
Little Millennium Padur, The Best Preschool in Padur

The Little Millennium Preschool Advantage

  • Award winning 'Seven Petal' Curricullam
  • Eclectic approach that combines five early childhood schooling techniques
  • Backed by Educomp - India's largest education company
  • Industry leading teacher : student ratio for personalised attention
  • Unique teaching approach that includes Kickers Club, Story Yoga and more
  • Nurturing individual potential and creativity of children via multiple activities
  • World class teaching aids
  • Child friendly infrastructure
  • Well trained preschool teachers